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Green Papaya Powder

Green Papaya Powder

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HAND PICKED GREEN PAPAYA FRUITS: At Grenera, we take utmost care in hand picking the mature unripe Paya fruits from the fields manually. Hand picking each quality fresh papaya fruits help us to manufacture great quality papaya superfood powder.

MEAT TENDERIZER: Green papaya powder is used as a meat tenderizer when cooking meats and it is a great natural source with out any additives.

RICH ENZYME SOURCE: The green papaya fruits are rich in the digestive enzyme named Papain and it can be easily added to morning smoothies and salads.

ORGANIC PAPAYA CULTIVATION: Our papaya farms are located in the Western Ghats region of South India and the year long tropical climate in that region helps us to produce the best quality Green papaya fruits by practicing Organic cultivation practices.
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